The brief was to launch the Nutella Contender / premium product from KDD.

We wanted to be fun, authentic, tempting in the content.

The idea was super simple. We have worked with Local/regional celebrities/influencers to shoot somewhat a fun filled super natural / spontaneous 1 min video collection.


We mixed three of the chosen in each video, the camera was rolling and all the facial and body expressions where 100% natural without scripting or scenarios.


The campaign drove a big success within a short period of time, and the results/figures in summery were as follows 

Aziz Louis

Video Clip using iPhone - First off

Alaa AlHindi

A top hit audio mix

Concept & Production: The Digital Campus


Music Mix development: Talal AlFassam & Ahmad Alharbi


Music arrangement and sound mix: Bader Karam / Montadhar Alzayer


Director: Mohamad Alhmeli

Pizza Hut

Add-A-Twist Pizza Campaign

Pizza Hut Launched three pizzas on menu Add-A-Twsit​

Bader From Kuwait "singer and actor" Wael from Egypt "singer" and Moumen from KSA "rapper" where chosen and three songs where created tailored to their style. 

A conversation was created between the three and pushed by sponsored ads from Pizza Hut.

UMI Smartphone - Android

Brand wanted to run influencers campaign to promote the new mobile phone which is a cheaper version of the Samsung and other android flagship phones.

Main communication points were

  • Crystal clear screen

  • Long life battery

  • Unique phone design, that is different from the vast majority who are using iPhone and Samsung


We have created the content “video, audio” including everything you see in two days.

Ooredoo - Kashkool

Back to School Musical Play

Back to School play was developed in-house and showed in a BTS exhibition in the Kuwait Fair grounds.

Script and Scnario: AlJawa

Music: Rakan

Performance By: Back Stage Group and Buthaina AlRaisi

Director: Mohammad Hammoud

Music Video Production


Building on the Super Popular music Hit, The Digital Campus Co-Produced a video clip for the song which already had 32m views on its music version

Produced By: The Digital Campus

DOP: Mustafa Fahmy

Director: Abdullah AlArrak - Felaso Production


The Karnival